Sell-Side Investor Sourcing

What are the benefits for a seller?

For owners or managers seeking a minority investment, majority investment, or 100% buyout, Paley offers a confidential alternative to retaining an investment bank.

Paley sources investors for its sell-side clients – including private equity groups, family offices, corporate acquirers, fundless sponsors, venture capitalists, individual partners in private equity groups and family offices and qualified high net-worth investor groups.

Paley provides sell-side investor sourcing services to companies of all sizes – from startups to early-stage firms to growth companies to mature corporations. We introduce our sell-side clients to investors interested in minority, significant minority, majority, significant majority or 100% ownership stakes. Our typical sell-side clients have revenues between $5 million to $500 million.

When an investment bank markets your company through an auction process, competitors, vendors, customers and employees discover that your business is seeking capital or is for sale. This knowledge could negatively impact your business – especially if the auction is unsuccessful.

Furthermore, many qualified buyers are not interested in participating in an auction process. They prefer not to spend the time and money to complete the due diligence necessary to submit a bid, only to lose to a higher bidder. Rather than going strictly by the current numbers, these buyers also prefer to get to know the company and its culture – order to determine the best way to increase future value should an acquisition occur.

Paley can bring several motivated buyers to the table – buyers willing to pay fair market value for a minority or controlling stake in your company – without the complications of an auction. With a Confidentiality Agreement in place, only the seller and the buyer are aware of any proposed transaction.

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